Edit Costcenter

After setting up your initial costcenter, admins can still come back at any time and modify the following items:

  • Metadata
  • Quota
  • Billing

Name: amend the name of the costcenter

Description: add a meaningful description of the costcenter in here. This is for your information only

Education: if ticked, the associated Virtual Machines will be automatically switched off at CET 02:00 and have to be started manually. If this is newly enabled on a pre-existing costcenter or sub-costcenter, it will also apply to currently running virtual machines.

Project invitation text: the text you write in here will be the default project invitation text when you send out a voucher for new projects

After you reviewed or changed the metadata to your liking please confirm with "Save Changes" on the top right corner.

Default users: Add a list of email addresses (that already have an account on SWITCHengines). These will be added as members to every project created in this costcenter.

The quota shown will be used as a default value when setting up new projects. You can change the quota accordingly to your needs. Changing the quota for the costcenter or sub-costcenter will affect only newly created projects. Once you are happy with the new quota please click on "Save Changes".

Untick the "Bill parent costcenter" box and the billing address page will appear. Now, please enter the information needed. Once complete please click on the "Save Changes" button in the top right corner.