Add or Remove Project Member(s)

You can add to or remove members from a project at any time, however you can not remove yourself. Members of a project will be granted access to the EnginesUI where they can set up instances of virtual machines. Please find a guide on how to start a virtual machine here .

First, click on the project itself to get into the project view. From there, click on "Members", then "Invite Users". A new window will pop up.

You can add as many member(s) as you like at once. Simply enter their e-mail addresses. If you wish to you can leave a customised note for the invited member(s). Once you have validated the e-mail addresses and are happy with the personal note click on the "Send out Vouchers" button. Vouchers will be sent out and the invited member(s) will receive an e-mail with a link to the project. They should click on the link to complete the process and get access to the project and set up VMs on the EnginesUI.