Edit project

After setting up your initial project, admins can still come back at any time and modify the following aspects of a project:

  • Metadata
  • Quota
  • Flavor type

In order to do so, please follow the instructions below.

Name: amend the name of the project

Description: add a meaningful description of the project in here. This is for your information only.

Education: if ticked, the associated Virtual Machines will automatically be switched off at CET 02:00 and have to be started manually. If this is newly enabled on a pre-existing project, it will also apply to currently running virtual machines.

End date: you can set an end date when the project will be automatically deleted/

Allow extension: if this box is checked the user is able to extend the end date of the project/

The admin of the costcenter can amend the quota of the project. Please remember that the quota for projects will be the default quota from the costcenter which you can change here .

The admin of the project can allow access to certain flavour types such as GPU or SSD. The price can be found on the right hand side. After you have checked the boxes for the flavours you wish to make available, please confirm your selection with "Save Changes".